Staples ANZ rebrands as Winc

The name change is part of a wider transformation strategy by new owner Platinum Equity.

Staples Australia & New Zealand will rebrand to Winc from next month, following the sale of the business to Platinum Equity earlier this year.

The new name, a creative take on ‘work incorporated’,  is part of a wider transformation strategy by Platinum Equity, with the rebrand set to take effect in Australia and New Zealand from 4 September.

“This brand is designed to bring a breath of fresh air to an industry that has been historically quite traditional and predictable,” CEO Darren Fullerton said.

“It represents our shift from offering products to providing solutions and inspiring a better way for workers and learners to get things done. By its nature, it also gives us the ability to flex and add adjacent solutions and offerings to meet our customers’ needs both now and into the future.”

In addition to the new identity, the company has also announced significant investment in its supply chain, digital experience and a new offering to give customers’ data driven insights into the overall performance of their company.

“This represents goes far deeper than our new name and identity. This will be the start of a complete change to the customer experience,” said Fullerton.

“It is more than defending disruption from the likes of Amazon, it’s about developing our ability to see around corners and fully anticipate customer needs. We are also investing in a best-in-class digital experience, complete with artificial intelligence and full automation to remove friction in the cart process and provide smart insights to customers.

“Our competitive edge sits in our deep domain expertise. With our new customer insight report, called The Winc Review, we will provide a new level of insight and data for our customers into their own supply chain, innovation, compliance, cost management and sustainability. This information will in turn allow them to improve the overall health of their business in these critical areas.”

The company also has plans to further strengthen its last mile delivery model that significantly sets them apart in the marketplace.

“Our drivers know our customers’ personally – in many cases they see them every day with a straight to desk and doorstep delivery experience. You don’t get this experience when you buy straight from an e-commerce site. This is something our customers in Australia and New Zealand have told us time again that they value and we are making investments to make this experience even better.”

Staples serves more than 26,000 customers in industries across Australia and New Zealand including some of the countries’ largest financial institutions, telcos, healthcare providers and universities.

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