New ‘turbo charging’ backpack vacuum

A new battery driven vacuum with fast charging time and a boost function for heavy duty cleaning, is introduced by Nilfisk. Another stepping stone towards increased cleaning mobility and flexibility.

Trailing a cable between the seats in an auditorium; trying to avoid people from tripping over the cable in a supermarket or stretching the cable to the max to reach the tricky spots in airplanes, trains or busses. People working in the cleaning industry are tough. But even so, there are applications where mains powered vacuums can be challenging.

Increased flexibility and safety

Over the past years the professional cleaning industry has seen an increase in battery driven vacuums. A development mirroring – although at a more steady pace – the one, that has taken place in development of power tools.

Although there are significant differences between applications where power tools and cleaning equipment are used, the cleaning industry can learn from this development:

“The introduction of battery driven power tools have increased the mobility and flexibility for workers enormously”, says Ian Caudwell, Managing Director Nilfisk New Zealand and continues: “We have for the past years worked with a vision of creating that same freedom for people in the cleaning industry – but without compromising the performance and functionality of the vacs”.

Super charger was on the wish list

As a result, Nilfisk has launched the Nilfisk GD 5 Battery. A light weight backpack model free of cords, that is especially relevant for room to room cleaning and cleaning in demanding spaces like inside lifts – or up and down staircases.

But according to Ian Caudwell from Nilfisk, the increased flexibility is only relevant if the cleaning and battery quality is in place. A record breaking charging time combined with a boost function was on the wish list, when the new product was developed.

“Many of the earlier battery driven vacs had long charging times and insufficient power for heavy duty – or even deep – cleaning. We believe that we have solved these issues with Nilfisk GD 5 Battery”.

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  1. Where can one purchase these vacuums from in NEW ZEALAND, and can you pay them off

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