Filta makes local acquisition

Filta's acquisition of the cleaning accessories supplier will come into effect from next month.

Filta Cleaning Products has acquired cleaning accessories supplier Glomesh NZ, effective from 2 July 2018.

Filta Cleaning Products general manager Lee James told INCLEAN NZ the acquisition as a good fit for the company.

“Glomesh NZ is a long-standing NZ brand that is well respected and trusted by customers,” said James.

“It operated in a very similar space to Filta yet we didn’t sell any of their products, so adding their unique products to our range will benefit and create opportunities for our clients.”

In a statement issued to INCLEAN NZ, Glomesh NZ said the sale was in response to the need to better service customers with a wider range of products, and also due to the restrictions experienced with certain aspects of the business while trying to run it from Australia.

“The sale of the business to Filta Cleaning Products will allow all Glomesh NZ customers to continue to access the highest quality of product and service that they have come to expect from Glomesh NZ, and now combined with the product range and service that they can get from Filta Cleaning Products.

“We believe that the potential minor short term disruption of the integration will not create any major problems for any customers.”

Glomesh NZ’s Matworld and floor pad range will be added to Filta Cleaning Products’ portfolio, allowing the business to target new categories.

“Glomesh NZ will retain its name because that’s the brand that people know and trust,” said James.

“As far as our customers are concerned, they will order Glomesh products using Glomesh NZ’s codes and products but they will come through on a Filta Cleaning Products’ invoice.”

Read more about Filta Cleaning Products’ acquisition of Glomesh NZ in the August 2018 issue of INCLEAN NZ.

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