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Filta Cleaning Products shares a business update with INCLEAN NZ following Glomesh NZ acquisition.

One month on from acquiring cleaning equipment supplier Glomesh NZ, Filta Cleaning Products shares an update with INCLEAN NZ.

On Monday 2 July this year, Filta Cleaning Products officially acquired equipment supplier Glomesh NZ. The acquisition saw Filta add Mat World, Unger and Glomesh NZ’s floor pad range to its portfolio, allowing the business to target new categories and increasing its product range to 2500 lines.

Filta Cleaning Products general manager Lee James described the acquisition as a good fit for the company.

“Glomesh NZ is a long-standing NZ brand that is well respected and trusted by customers,” said James. “It operated in a very similar space to Filta yet we didn’t sell any of their products, so adding their unique products to our range will benefit and create opportunities for our clients.”

In a statement issued to INCLEAN NZ, Glomesh NZ said the sale was in response to the need to better service customers with a wider range of products, and due to the restrictions experienced with certain aspects of the business while trying to run it from Australia.

“The sale of the business to Filta Cleaning Products will allow all Glomesh NZ customers to continue to access the highest quality of product and service that they have come to expect from Glomesh NZ, and now combined with the product range and service that they can get from Filta Cleaning Products.

“We believe that the potential minor short-term disruption of the integration will not create any major problems for any customers.”

Even though now owned by Filta, Glomesh NZ has retained its name, and customers will continue to order Glomesh products using Glomesh NZ’s codes and products that will come through on a Filta Cleaning Products’ invoice.

All staff members from Glomesh NZ stayed on as part of the acquisition but the head office of Glomesh NZ moved from Swanson to join Filta’s new head office in Henderson, which the company opened on 19 March this year to accommodate the business’s growth.

“We wanted to move ourselves into a position where something like an acquisition was a viable opportunity for us,” said James.

Filta Cleaning Products sales manager Liz Nichols told INCLEAN NZ that the Glomesh NZ team have fit very well with Filta team in Henderson.

“It’s been a fantastic merge,” she said. “Our new warehouse is fantastic too. It has gotten fuller a lot quicker than what we anticipated, but that’s because we keep building on what we supply.”

The new environment includes an extra-large showroom presenting Filta’s extensive range of products, a training space where the use of products can be demonstrated and a customer meeting hub.

On 1 August this year, Filta became the master distributor of Chrizarna triggers and bottles.

“Every single cleaner in New Zealand needs triggers and bottles so when the opportunity to distribute Chrizarna – one of the best-selling trigger ranges in New Zealand – came along, we grabbed it,” said Nichols.

“Our focus is on the customer. If we can make life as simple as possible for them by supplying everything they need from the one place, then that’s what we will do. Increasing our range regularly continues to enhance our relationship with customers.”

This year the company also partnered with one of India’s largest cotton producers to launch a professional tea towel range for the commercial cleaning market due to demands in the market.

Read more about Filta Cleaning Products’ acquisition of Glomesh NZ in the August 2018 issue of INCLEAN NZ.

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