Changing the ways hospitality floors are cleaned

For any hotel operating in the hospitality industry, it is necessary to meet quality standards, especially when it comes to cleaning, otherwise it can find itself in a whirlwind of trouble.

Hotels have their very own housekeepers that are responsible for maintaining basic cleaning, from vacuuming floors, cleaning bathrooms, changing bedding, etc.

At the same time, ensuring cleanliness in the kitchen is imperative. Thus, housekeeping is among the top concerns within the hospitality industry.

When we look at the methods used in maintaining cleanliness in hotels, we observe that a lot of changes have been made over time. The introduction of technology has made cleaning, and thus our lives, much easier.

Comparing the cleaning methods used in the kitchen, one remembers dishes stacking up in the sink and using a sponge and soap to clean them. But were they actually cleaned?

Research has revealed kitchen sponges are even dirtier than toilets. How can an item used for cleaning purposes be so contaminated? The problem, however, has been resolved with the introduction of dishwashers. But is this enough?  Definitely not.

The floors of a kitchen were also previously cleaned with the aid of an old mop that is soaked in a bucket water and cleaning agent. The bathroom floor was also cleaned the same way but there were a number of cleanliness issues associated with mops.

Cleanliness, with a mop, is also dependent on how often the floors are mopped and the procedure followed. Selecting a suitable mop and appropriate cleaning solution is also important.

Further to this, mops require proper maintenance and eventual replacement, since the fibres get worn and disfigured. There is also the issue of regenerating dirty water over the floor surface, with the mop continually soaked in the same bucket solution.

The technology is now here to make the lives of people easier and more comfortable. Although mops for floor cleaning are still used in some places, they have been replaced with floor cleaning machines.

Integrated battery operated floor cleaning machines are now available that have provided industries, including the hospitality industry, with an ease of cleaning to almost all types of industrial floors, from hard floors to carpets.

Duplex, in a similar way, has provided complete industry-specific solutions with its wide range of floor cleaning machines, steam units and industrial cleaning machines.

Cleaning in the hospitality industry requires specialised equipment that is not only able to ensure the fulfilment of cleaning needs, but at the same time address hygiene-related issues.

It has been observed that by floor cleaning using mops, slips and falls were common. It has been further researched that slips, trips and falls caused by wet floors have resulted in work injuries.

In some cases, injuries have been so severe that they have resulted in death, the consequence of wet floors or improper floor cleaning.

Cleaning methods have now changed, with the introduction of floor cleaning machines that are able to wash, scrub, dry and steam floors, all in a single pass. Isn’t it great, that multi-purpose machines have now made floor cleaning so much easier?

High standard cleaning results have been achieved with floor scrubbers, steam cleaning equipment and ergonomically designed attachment tools.

Dedicated floor cleaning equipment is designed for the most efficient performance in achieving the best results, thus changing the way hospitality floors are cleaned.

Cleaning with a mop is more labour intensive and time consuming compared to using dedicated floor cleaning machines that also provide better results and a much higher level of hygiene. The most versatile floor cleaners and scrubbers are now available.

Cleaning carpets is another major issue associated with hotels, since it is often difficult to remove soiling from carpets. Further to this, the problems associated with bathroom cleaning are also critical.

Allergy concerns, contamination and corrosion are among other issues associated with cleaning floors with a mop. These issues have now been resolved with floor cleaning machines which are also chemical-free and greatly eliminate allergy concerns.

Steam, at higher temperatures, is used by machines that deep clean all surfaces. Cleaning carpets has also become much easier, with chewing gum and wax residues removed with ease.

In industries that have a lot of foot traffic, carpeting needs to be vacuumed regularly and steam vacuum cleaners have also become available for this purpose.

Floor cleaning machines have not just made cleaning easier in the hospitality industry and saved a lot of precious time, but have also saved hundreds of dollars that are spent on the costs of chemicals. Furthermore, water consumption in cleaning floors has also been dramatically reduced with the use of floor cleaning machines.

Another important aspect associated with these machines is bi-directional capability, providing washing and suction of floors in both directions of work.

They are also capable of sweeping both solid and liquefied residues with high and efficient drying performance, even in uneven surfaces.

The floor cleaning machines provided by Duplex and based on the Duplex cleaning concept; provide more efficient performance when compared to traditional cleaning machines.

*Murray McDonald is director of Duplex Cleaning Machines

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