FMA seeks adoption of new series standard

Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) submits proposal for adoption of ISO 41000 series of standards.

The Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) has submitted a proposal for the adoption of the ISO 41000 series of standards with Standards Australia – a move it’s described as a “landmark event” for Australia’s FM sector.

The ISO 41000 series of standards is a suite of standards developed specifically for facilities management.

The development of the ISO 41000 series (which includes 41001, 41011, 41012 and 41013) began almost seven years ago, and engaged the interest of 45 countries.

ISO 41011 Facility Management – Vocabulary and ISO 41012 Facility Management – Guidance on Strategic Sourcing and the Development of Agreements, were first published in April 2017, followed by ISO 41013 – Scope, Key Concepts and Benefits,  in July 2017.

ISO 41011 Facility Management – Vocabulary provides an internationally agreed definition for facilities management and a range of other terms that previously varied from country to country. This sets the basis for enabling other standards to be developed using consistent terms and definitions.

ISO 41012 Facility Management – Guidance on Strategic Sourcing and the Development of Agreements provides a framework for looking at how a demand organisation can improve outcomes in sourcing facilities management, whether internal or external. This standard aims to help those engaging the services of facilities management to undertake a process that results in a better quality outcome.

ISO 41013 – Scope, Key Concepts and Benefits was developed in conjunction with the vocabulary standard. It provides a simple but comprehensive overview of facilities management

The fourth, and most recent standard, ISO 41001 Management System Standard was published in April 2018.

ISO 41001 is a management system standard, to help promote the international standing of FM as a professional discipline.

The driving force behind ISO 41001 was the need for a standardised approach against which FM organisations can be assessed and measured.

According to FMA Australia’s identical adoption of the current ISO 41000 series will deliver a host of benefits, including; greater consistency within Australia’s FM industry; more reliable FM outcomes, achieved through consistent definitions and improved procurement procedures; and greater understanding of FM practice, both within the industry and among the wider community.

The standard is also set to improve efficiency and reduced waste, thanks to lower risk of duplication due to misunderstandings; give alignment across global markets and an international set of parameters to assist in service delivery; and assist in the advancement of FM research and innovation.

FMA CEO Nicholas Burt said the standards will demonstrate the importance and professional nature of the industry.

“The ability to be accredited to what is now commonly known as ISO 41001 is a landmark event that will place the industry on the international stage,” he said.

Acting CEO of Standards Australia, Adrian O’Connell said it is an incredible achievement by all those involved in the development of the ISO 41000 series.

The FMA has held information sessions on the ISO 41000 series, as well as professional development courses to help facilities managers understand the technical detail, implementation options, and how the standards will drive efficiency and productivity.

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