Develop your team’s business skills with Careerforce

Careerforce business programmes can enhance the administration, leadership and management skills of the full team.


So often the focus for training is just for staff at levels 2 and 3, but professional development for administrative and senior employees is just as important.

An efficient and effective business relies on leaders and managers being armed with the relevant skills and competencies to improve, enhance and add value to the organisation. Developing exceptional leadership can help build a stronger and more resilient organisation. Admin staff, first line managers and operational and strategic leaders are all vital to a business. With Careerforce business programmes, personnel at all these levels can be assessed in competencies that are known to improve business performance and undertake additional learning to fill the gaps.

Careerforce offers the full suite of business and management programmes from levels 3 – 6.  As the Industry Training organisation (ITO) for the social, health and hygiene sectors, Careerforce developed these programmes in direct response to demand from these industries that it represents.

Level 3 and Level 4 Programmes

Administration staff can often be overlooked when considering training and development, so Careerforce developed workplace training programmes to respect and recognise this group. The Level 3 business administration and technology programme is the perfect starting point for office administration and reception staff. The Level 4 first line management programme supports staff to develop skills to effectively lead a team. Both these programmes can be completed on-the-job.

Level 5 and Level 6 Programmes

The Level 5 and 6 leadership and management diploma programmes are for current leaders and managers with direct reports.  The Level 5 programme focuses on the organisation’s operational objectives while the Level 6 focuses on its strategic objectives. These diplomas are a way of recognising the employee’s existing skills and experience, and then building upon existing knowledge to manage and lead their teams to become more effective, efficient and cohesive.  They introduce tools and strategies of modern business practice allowing managers to adapt them into their own workplace setting.

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