Industry outlook 2020

Industry leaders share their predictions on the year ahead.

INCLEAN NZ asked some of the industry’s senior executives their predictions on the local and international trends set to shape 2020. 

Jane Wenman, CEO, Careerforce

We have noticed an increasing trend that more and more employers and contracts they are tendering for, are stating that cleaning staff must hold a cleaning qualification. This is a great move towards recognising cleaning as valuable occupation with a meaningful career path. We expect this trend to continue.”

Paul Archer, COO, ISS Facility Services

“Technology, particularly building management systems, will continue to have a major impact on the broader facilities industry, as will the need for service providers to do more than provide token solutions in the environment and sustainability space.

“Green buildings are the way of the future and with a number of major corporates on the move next year; this will receive huge attention and focus. In addition, recruitment and retention of staff is key and will continue to be, a huge challenge for employers, so anything that FM providers can do to enhance the workplace experience will be in demand.

“Battery technology continues to grow as cleaning operators require increased access without the limitations of electrical cords. Majority of our scrubber drier machines are now battery driven and this has cascaded down to our smaller machines, particularly vacuums and compact scrubber driers. We will continue to see the battery extend into other cleaning machinery areas where corded options were only available up unto recent.”

Mike Roberts, Managing Director, Kärcher NZ

“Cleaning on demand is an emerging technology trend that will make its way to New Zealand, maybe not in 2020, but not long after. Cleaning on demand is technology that will enable the BSC to gain more information from the building’s built in sensors and systems that will allow BSCs to make more informed decisions around how the building is cleaned and at what frequency, thereby help make better use of resourced employed.”

Craig Newton, National Manager, RapidClean NZ

Products and systems that support productivity and profitability in daily activity for cleaners and cleaning companies, as well as deliver savings to the client. There will be more product innovation as well as an increase in eco-solutions and battery-powered technology. Previously in the industry, new technology has been at a high cost, and often ineffective in bettering the business. It will be a back to basics approach, at the right cost, that will benefit the end-user and secure future loyalty.”

Nick Garrety, Regional Manager, Tennant NZ

“Smaller commercial machines will have more of an impact and we will see less of the traditional mop and bucket. Contracts are getting squeezed and people need to work smarter on saving labour costs in becoming more productive.”

Rob Graham, General Manager, Tork Professional Hygiene

“We see a major opportunity heading into 2020 with an acceleration of new technology adoption in the cleaning industry. To date there has been a slow transition of old traditional manual methods to new digital solutions.

“There is also a growing expectation from customers of transparency on the environmental impact from ‘cradle to grave’. Tork is working with our customers and suppliers on improving sustainability outcomes throughout the entire supply chain.”

Paul Payne, Operations Manager, Philip Moore Cleaning Cleaning Supplies

“Customer are more aware of the environmental impact of the products they purchase. There is more interest in the sustainability of the product e.g. what material is it made from, is it made from recycled materials, how long should it last and finally how should it disposed of. This issue is something that I see increasing in 2020, as more and more of our customers have requests from their customers for this information.”

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