Business leaders join forces for climate action

More than 150 business leaders join forces to achieve zero carbon New Zealand.

More than 150 New Zealand business leaders have joined forces to collaborate on a collective vision for a sustainable, zero carbon New Zealand.

Leading business organisations, the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), have launched their new strategies with a shared vision bringing more opportunities for them to partner on key climate action initiatives.

Chair of SBC’s Advisory Board Karen Silk said the strategies respond to the loud call from SBC members and CLC signatories for greater leadership, ambition, and collective action, and to ensure climate remains a key focus in the Covid-19 recovery.

CLC Convenor, Mike Bennetts said, “Over the past two years, CLC has created the momentum for CEOs to lead the way by signing up to ambitious climate change commitments. The next phase for us will be demonstrating progress against these commitments and making even more aspirational moves to accelerate further action.

“We now have 18 organisations signed-up to our 2019 Statement to pursue efforts to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees. This is in addition to the original 2017 Statement to keep warming below 2 degrees. The economic impacts of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic present risks to climate action, heightening the need for continued business leadership in this area.”

Mike Burrell, SBC’s executive director said, “Our SBC members highlighted two key issues through the strategy process – climate action, and thriving people, which includes ensuring a just transition towards a zero carbon economy.

“The Zero Carbon Act and the Climate Change Commission provide business with the framework to move towards a zero carbon future. SBC and CLC are committed to taking urgent action to achieve this. SBC will work with CLC to provide a platform for businesses to collaborate and to partner with government and other organisations to achieve our shared vision – a New Zealand where business, people and nature thrive together.”

The strategies are online here:

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