ISS hosts global digital clean-up week to reduce CO2 emissions

The ISS campaign is called ‘Drive to 100 Environmental Campaign’.

In support of World Cleanup Day and the ISS Global Environmental Campaign, employees at ISS A/S will be encouraged to participate in a digital clean-up week to contribute to reducing world CO2 emissions.

Email, junk folders, obsolete archived digital files and old digital documents take up enormous amounts of disk space. Disk space uses vast amounts of energy. And energy production emits CO2 into our atmosphere, damaging the planet’s climate.

In support of World Cleanup Day, ISS has decided to contribute to a better climate by having a worldwide digital clean-up week within the company. The ISS campaign is called ‘Drive to 100 Environmental Campaign’.

ISS’s 400,000+ employees around the globe will be urged to clean up their emails, digital files and archives. In doing this, employees reduce energy consumption and will ultimately contribute to decreasing CO2 emissions.

Joseph Nazareth, head of group CR at ISS A/S said digital waste contributes to carbon emissions thereby threatening our planet’s climate.

“The carbon footprint of computer technologies, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7 percent of global greenhouse emissions, according to some estimates.

“Anything we can do to help reduce carbon emissions no matter how small is worth doing. So, we have decided to urge our people to handle digital waste. We want to raise awareness around the globe that fighting climate change can be achieved through many initiatives such as cleaning up digital waste.”

According to World Cleanup Day international studies on the environmental impact of digital technologies show that the digital technology’s share of global CO2 emissions increased from 2.5 to 3.7 per cent from 2013 to 2018.

Every year ISS runs a Global Environmental week campaign to ad-dress the issues facing our planet. One of these actions is to engage employees to participate in plastic clean-up events. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it may not be safe for employees to engage in such events.

“Our employees are excited to contribute to a better climate and are enthusiastic when it comes to cleaning up their digital waste. We hope that this will inspire other outside ISS A/S to remember to reduce consumption and reduce waste,” said Nazareth.

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