Survey examines ongoing pandemic precautions

Survey examines most effective safety measures when returning to workplaces.

As people go back to work and school, they are doing so with pandemic safety measures in mind.

That’s according to the latest consumer poll from GP PRO which asked 1000 individuals to select two safety measures from a list of six that they feel are effective in keeping them safe from COVID-19 when away from home. Among the respondents:

  • 65 per cent believe social distancing is most effective
  • 65 per cent feel wearing a mask is most effective
  • 59 per cent deem proper hand washing as most effective
  • 55 per cent say sanitising and disinfecting surfaces is most effective
  • 54 per cent believe frequently using hand sanitizer is most effective
  • 31 per cent feel avoiding inside activities is most effective.

Survey participants were also asked which of the previously noted precautions they have personally taken during the pandemic and if they are continuing to practice them at the same frequency level as when the pandemic began. According to those findings:

  • 67 per cent note they have engaged in proper hand washing and continue to do so at the same level
  • 59 per cent say they have frequently used hand sanitiser and continue to do so at the same level
  • 58 per cent state they have worn a mask and continue to do so at the same level
  • 56 per cent say they have practiced social distancing and continue to do so at the same level
  • 56 per cent indicate they have sanitised and disinfected surfaces and continue to do so at the same level
  • 41 per cent note they have avoided indoor activities and continue to do so at the same level.

“What these results tell me is that as employers look at how to safely bring employees back to the workplace and as business owners continue to help keep their customers safe, they would be well served in encouraging employees and customers to continue to practice some, if not all, of the identified safety precautions as appropriate,” said Michelle Auda, senior director of insights with GP PRO.

“In addition, with hand hygiene behaviors in the form of proper hand washing and frequently using hand sanitiser holding steady, it’s important that facilities are stocked with products to support these behaviors.

“If employees are healthy, they’ll be present at work and, as a result, more productive. If customers are healthy, they’ll be more likely to spend money in their communities.

“In my opinion, investing in products and solutions that help make it easy for employees and customers to continue taking precautions against the spread of the coronavirus is just smart business.”

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