Introducing the vac range

The vac range gives you the option of HEPA or even ULPA filters on your vacuums, taking your cleanliness to the next level.

The vac range gives you the option of HEPA or even ULPA filters on your vacuums, taking your cleanliness to the next level.

i-team is focused on changing the way we think about cleaning. With i-team on your side, the traditionally menial task of commercial cleaning can be fun and inspiring. Our developments in high-end commercial and industrial cleaning technologies ranging from floor scrubber dryers, vacuums, lighting solutions, microfibre and air cleaning will simplify and improve the effectiveness of cleaning processes.

The vac range gives you the option to take your cleanliness to the next level. This range consists of four, barrel vacuums and one electric upright model. Two of the barrel vacuums are battery operated and use the same batteries as the i-mop.

vac 5

With its sturdy, ergonomic main handle, carrying the vac 5 vacuum is easy. Take it everywhere you go, and when you’re done, wrap the cable around the inbuilt cable holder for neat, easy storage. The vac 5 comes with quality accessories for serious commercial use. It comes with a genuine stainless-steel wand, stainless steel elbow piece and high-flex vac hose with reinforced ends. Our vacuum bags have a seal to avoid leaking hazardous dust when emptying and you can choose between a paper or high grade microfibre HEPA bag. The integrated tool holder allows you to store your crevice tool and dusting brush on the machine, keeping them safe and in easy reach – while saving valuable time.

vac 5B

A battery vacuum doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on performance. The vac 5B battery vacuum reaches up to 80% of the suction power of a comparable electric vacuum and 40 minutes runtime, giving you all the performance you need without the hassle of being tied to a cord. Every vac battery barrel vacuum comes with the highest quality components; Stainless steel wand, kink-resistant hose with double reinforced ends, and a stainless steel nozzle on the handle. The vac 5B 6-litre bag has a seal to ensure no dust escapes when emptying or replacing the bag. Onboard tool storage is standard on the 5B, allowing you to carry the upholstery tool and dusting brush with you wherever you go. The 5B also allows you to clip the floor tool into the specially designed holder for easy, neat storage.

vac 6

Commercial vacuums need to be indestructible. That’s why we’ve used non-breakable materials in the vac 6, as well as no rivets. Instead, attachments are assembled with screws. We’ve chosen shock absorbing materials for the wheels. Plus, there’s a parking position to allow for safe working on stairs. Cleaning during the day is now more practical. With a choice between low or high-power settings, the low setting can be a game changer for operational daytime cleaning in busy offices. Full bag? Vacuum clogged? The whizzo makes a high, loud tone in either situation. What for? It alerts the operator to attend to the machine and prevent motor damage, saving you costly repair bills and downtime. Thanks to the flat nose floortool, there’s no need to adjust for different surfaces. Boasting an extremely low profile, it reaches underneath the most difficult areas.

When you vacuum, recirculating dust particles into the air is not what you want. The vac 6 offers 3 levels of filtration for different needs: Standard, HEPA and ULPA Standard is perfect for general commercial vacuuming. HEPA removes particles, allergens and pathogens often associated with health issues such as asthma. ULPA is the highest possible level of vacuum filtration ideal in buildings where the highest standard of air quality is imperative.

vac 9B

Say goodbye to power cords and wall sockets and say hello to vacuuming productivity with the vac 9B. Your 9B runs on 1 or 2 i-power batteries, giving you up to 80 minutes run time. Radically minimise downtime with our i-charge 9 supercharger. It’s designed to charge a 2nd set of i-power batteries in the time it takes to fully discharge a set, enabling you to rotate your batteries and vacuum continuously. You can even wall mount your vac chargers with the i-stack, freeing up precious floorspace. Our high-powered motor gives you huge airflow of 40 litres per second, as much as some electrically powered vacuums. With a huge 9 litres of dirt capacity, the 9B is equipped to deal with heavy vacuuming requirements. The 9B has 3 filtration options: Standard, HEPA or ULPA. What’s more, the 9B does not have just one HEPA or ULPA filter like most HEPA vacuums, it has a HEPA/ULPA filter both before and after the motor for true highest-level filtration.

vac 30

With the incredible flexibility of the vac 30 upright vacuum you easily clean all the hard-to-reach places. While in operation, simply lower the body as far as you want. Even completely horizontal. Now you can easily clean under equipment, desks, furniture, anywhere. With the ergonomically friendly vac 30 telescopic wand, effortlessly reach down to vacuum skirtings and beside furniture, or extend the wand up to fans, skirtings and other out of reach places for a faster, more thorough clean. Disconnecting the upper body from the motor deck for repairs and replacements is quick and easy. Better still, there’s a detachable power cord. Damaged the cable? Just replace it yourself. No tech support required. Our patented whizzo makes a loud, shrill tone when the vacuum is clogged or the bag is full, saving you money on costly vacuum motor replacement bills!

The vac range is available through authorized i-team partners. See more about the vac range below:


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