RATs: Be Seen to Be Clean

Reduce business uncertainty and reassure your customers: a regular rapid antigen testing scheme for your staff takes care of both.

In the midst of New Zealand’s biggest COVID-19 outbreak to date, staff shortages are striking businesses across the nation, but for BSC companies, adapting to labour scarcity is nothing new. Throughout the pandemic, the industry has constantly pivoted to work through roadblocks and emerge stronger for it.

When it comes to tools for mitigating the risks of unexpected staff shortages, rapid antigen testing (RAT) leads the pack. The ability to quickly screen for COVID-19 infection before the start of a workday has proved invaluable for the cleaning industry, but slowing the spread of the virus amongst your staff is just one side of the coin when it comes to the benefits of RATs for BSC operators.

Seen to be clean

With working from home and office closures continuing to feature in 2022, making the most of the remaining client pool is key for BSC businesses around the country. Many companies (especially large ones) are becoming increasingly risk-averse and wary of unexpected staff shortages themselves, so every measure that cleaning companies can take to safeguard their customers counts.

While identifying positive cases in the workplace early helps you to keep a lid on COVID-19 in your business, a regular testing regime also gives your customers the confidence that you’re protecting them and their business through your vigilance. In an industry where health and hygiene are paramount, even just showing that you’re taking steps to protect your customers can make a huge difference.

While there’s no silver bullet for successfully growing a business mid-pandemic, it’s clear that rapid antigen tests have a very important role to play in the BSC industry over the coming months. Find out more about how to use RATs in a business setting, or simply order your tests now.

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