Industry Leaders Forum: Reece Matuschka, Makita NZ

Reece Matuschka, Key Account Manager, BME, Makita NZ

How was 2021 for Makita? What were the highlights? What were the challenges?

Highlights: Further development of 40v XGT platform and specifically CL001G 40Vmax XGT Brushless 4-Speed HEPA Vacuum.

This machine has taken the best features of all similar models in its category and combined to make a high suction, user friendly and efficient machine tailored for the commercial cleaning sector.

This battery platform is now fully supported with cordless outdoor power equipment for a complete indoor and outdoor building maintenance solutions with little to no maintenance needed.

Challenges: 2021 has had its challenges for obvious reasons around shipping and freight delays, however, we have worked hard on ensuring we have supply for our network and have increased stock holding more than ever.

Is there an achievement that you’re particularly proud of from the past 12 months?

I am really proud of our business development and our site team. This team largely focuses on providing guidance, product knowledge and assistance to all end users and customers using product on site whilst keeping the contact open between dealers.

This can be a tough role at times and they have been working really hard to familiarise themselves nationwide and continue to offer a high level of service second to none in the industry.

What will be the immediate focus for Makita in 2022?

A large focus for Makita in 2022 will be to continue to grow our 40v XGT battery platform. This platform truly unlocks battery and cordless tool performance truly ruling out petrol tools in the industry offering massive increases in runtime and performance. Watch this space!

What are the major opportunities you foresee for Makita in 2022?

We are really pushing ahead with our cordless cleaning solutions and outdoor power equipment and are always working on product development. This is a major opportunity for us in comparison to competitors who are still using leads or petrol motors in cases.

As soon as cleaners, caretakers, and maintenance staff try our product and see the list of benefits, there is no turning back. We hope to get In front of more of the industry and help to add value where possible.

Are there any new products to be launched in 2022?

As always, we are expecting a large volume of new products to be launched in 2022. As mentioned above, our 40v XGT battery platform will continue to grow rapidly with some exciting products in the pipeline, especially around high load drawing tools. We are hoping to launch a product within the commercial cleaning sector which will truly transform the industry.

What is one issue in the cleaning industry that you would like to see addressed?

I would really like to see the industry to look to new and innovative products. I feel a lot of the industry continue to use the same products and brands just because they are familiar. It would be great to see people doing more research on benefits of possible new technology.

Often the new technology offers far better ease of use, time reductions, and efficiency. For example, steering away from electric to battery back pack vacuums alone is a huge time saving move without even getting into the rest of the benefits.

Is there a message that you would like to share with the industry?

Makita New Zealand is here for the long haul and is dedicated to working closely with key sectors across New Zealand. Our aim is to use our market leading battery technology to help provide more efficient, cleaner, and safer environments. We hope to see you out there in 2022.

This first appeared in the February issue of INCLEAN NZ magazine. 

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