Innovation Day: Free Facilities Expo

A free Facilities expo is arriving this July, showcasing exclusive products, machinery demonstrations, service offerings, training opportunities and more.

Things change fast in the BSC industry, and keeping up to speed with the latest opportunities and time/labour saving innovations is crucial for any facilities business.

In the midst of all the day-to-day busyness, it’s not always easy to stay perfectly informed about current trends and hot new products – that’s where NXP Innovation Day 2022 comes in.

This free industry expo, coming to Auckland on 08 July 2022, showcases an exciting range of exclusive facilities machines and cleaning hardware (with the chance for BSC operators to access innovative products unavailable elsewhere in New Zealand) but that’s just one facet of Innovation Day.

It also provides hands-on demonstrations, direct access to manufacturer representatives, and the opportunity to discover comprehensive training and servicing offerings that provide wraparound support for Facilities businesses all across the country.

Innovative Products

Headlining NXP Innovation Day 2022 will be a range of exclusive product offerings from some of the world’s most well respected BSC brands, including Willmop, Tennant, Tersano, and Greenspeed.

The products being presented by these top tier brands are designed to give facilities operators a competitive edge: from machines that save on time and labour costs to eco-friendly cleaning hardware that gives operators an in with clients that demand evidence of sustainable practices.

There will also be the chance to try out many of these innovations in live demonstrations, and chat with manufacturer reps to clear up any lingering questions.

The Full Service

Of course, while it’s essential to discover time and money-saving innovations, it’s just as important to know you can get local support for these products.

NXP Innovation Day 2022 will demonstrate how BSC operators can access local servicing and spare parts for a huge range of machinery and hardware, and leverage a repository of online resources to take some of the hassles out of staff training and compliance.

Thanks to NXP’s comprehensive service offering, reaping the benefits of top tier cleaning machinery like the Willmop 50 is finally a practical, attractive option for Kiwi BSC businesses.

Training On-Demand

In an industry that moves as quickly as BSC, there’s always something new to learn. At NXP Innovation Day 2022, you’ll quickly discover that a deep reservoir of technical knowledge and training is right at your fingertips.

Product demonstrations on the day are just the very tip of the iceberg: all year round, NXP also offers comprehensive site audits, on-site machinery training across New Zealand, and targeted training resources for those coming up to speed with new cleaning chemicals. Boosting business through fresh, innovative cleaning solutions is now within easy reach.

To access all these resources and innovations, start by clicking here to find out full details and register for the free NXP Innovation Day 2022 expo taking place on 08 July this year. Spaces are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis – so don’t forget to pop your name down now while there’s still space.

From business-boosting machinery to wraparound support, NXP Innovation Day 2022 is dedicated to strengthening Kiwi BSC businesses.

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