IWBI launches WELL Equity Rating

New rating designed is to help organisations improve company culture and employee health.

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has launched a new rating tool designed to help organisations act on their diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility goals, and improve company culture and employee health.

The WELL Equity Rating includes more than 40 features spanning six action areas:

  • user experience and feedback
  • responsible hiring and labor practices
  • inclusive design,
  • health benefits and services,
  • supportive programs and spaces,
  • community engagement.

The rating validates an organisation’s actions to advance health and well-being; celebrate diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and accessibility; and promote sensitivity while addressing disparities in populations that have been traditionally marginalised or underserved.

Rachel Hodgdon, president and CEO, IWBI, said organisations worldwide are embracing the powerful role place can play in leveling the playing field and ensuring everyone feels welcome, seen and heard.

“The WELL Equity Rating is a transformative new offering that empowers organisations to make good on their promises— with evidence-based strategies and actions that improve and strengthen company culture, advance DEI goals and address disparities in underserved populations.”

For two years, IWBI has been collaborating with its Health Equity Advisory, learning from more than 200 participating expert advisors from 26 countries.

The development process also included feedback and input from others with lived experience who represent the target populations prioritised by the rating.

These include BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and other people of color), first-generation immigrants, LGBTQ+ individuals, primary caregivers and people who are physically disabled and/or neurodivergent.

More than 30 organisations have already enrolled in the rating.

Kimberly Lewis, executive vice president of equity, engagement, and events, IWBI, said the rating is all about making equitable opportunity actionable, designing healthier places that are accessible to everyone, and delivering on the promise of a global culture of health and belonging.

Multiple studies show that employees in diverse and inclusive workplaces are more likely to innovateenjoy their jobswork harder, and ultimately stay with their employers for longer.

Diverse organsations have also been found to be 1.32 times more productive and 21 per cent more profitable than their peers.

Dr. Angelita Scott, director and community concept lead at IWBI, who also served as principal architect of the rating, said by driving accountability and action, the WELL Equity Rating will serve as an important tool to help organisations actualize their DEI commitments, live their values and effect lasting change.

“We are so grateful to all our advisors and stakeholders from around the world with different backgrounds, expertise and lived experiences who supported this effort. It’s because of their vision, input and dedication that we were able to create a third-party verified solution that will uplift historically excluded voices, enhance ESG performance and improve organizational outcomes.”

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