INCLEAN Innovation Awards winners announced

New Zealand-based startup among INCLEAN Innovation Award winners.

The winners of this year’s INCLEAN Innovation Awards have been named at the second ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo.

Now in its seventh year, the INCLEAN Innovation Awards received a record number of entries across four of the five categories including Equipment, Services and Technology, Cleaning Agents and Janitorial Items.

The judging panel included Brian Clark, CEO of Contract Solutions; Debbie Delimitros, BSCAA NSW president and GM of Eternal Cleaning and Claire Hibbit, editor of INCLEAN magazine.

The highly coveted Equipment category was won by Spillz for its Spacevac Internal High-Level Cleaning System.

The Spacevac Internal High-Level Cleaning System provides operators with a safe and efficient way to clean high levels from the ground floor. It features lightweight carbon fibre construction and is equipped with an innovative wireless camera and monitor system.

This system streams via Bluetooth to a floor mounted monitor at ground level which allows the operator to record footage and monitor the progress of cleans in real time. The monitor also enables operators to record footage to an SD card and use to provide quotations or evidence of completion.

Scott Rozendaal sales director of Spillz said being a finalist in the INCLEAN Innovation Awards for the second consecutive year has created great exposure for the Spillz company.

“Winning the Innovation Award for equipment with Spacevac is a great step for Spillz company to becoming a leading innovative supplier, as we are always looking to find new developments that can push the industry forward,” Rozendaal said.

“We took on the Spacevac High Level Cleaning range as they are utilising modern technology to revolutionise the cleaning industry and lift both the standard of cleaning and safety in the industry.”

New Zealand-based BioChem Solutions took out the Cleaning Agents award for its drain cleaning solution Bio-BUGS.

Launched in Australia in conjunction with Rezitech, Bio-BUGS is a self-foaming solution which improves the performance of cleaners in the drain network to remove organic material which pests breed in, removes fat, oil and grease which cause safety issues when blocked.

Bio-BUGS’ self-foaming formulation sits above the water column where organic material and fat, oil and grease build up, resulting in significantly less chemical going down the drain.

Simon Wright of BioChem Solutions said it was an honour to win the award.

“It means a lot for us as a small company to be selected against many large multi-nationals. To be recognised for our innovation is a real honour,” Wright said.

“We’re now looking at engaging a number of distributors around Australia and wanting to grow the business in the Australian market.”

Tork Professional Hygiene received the Services and Technology award for the Tork EasyCube.

The software platform provides facility managers and cleaners with real-time information from connected devices and dispenser systems through a web application, directing cleaning teams to where they are needed most in a facility.

Rochelle Lake, head of marketing – B2B at Tork Professional Hygiene said Tork was very proud to have Tork EasyCube named the winner of the Services & Technology Award.

“By empowering people with data-driven cleaning plans, Tork EasyCube will be a real game-changer in the industry,” Lake said.

Launched at the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Show, the Unger erGo! S-Class Series by Pall Mall won the Janitorial award for its innovative design and ergonomic benefits.

The erGO! S-Class Series induces a S-motion by the operator reducing the load placed upon backs, shoulders and joints while at the same time improving the speed of the cleaning action.

Another innovation design feature of the erGo is its pre-loaded onboard cleaning liquid cartridges, eliminating the need for use of heavy buckets. Liquids and waxes can be accurately dispensed by the inbuilt trigger mechanism and tube dispenser, allowing for more efficient and timely cleaning.

Errol Goldberg managing director of Pall Mall said he was pleased and excited to win.

“We see a big future in this product and winning has reinforced its innovation and given us a good jump start in the market. The fact that there were some incredibly good products nominated adds to the prestige of winning the award,” Goldberg said.

The Paper and Dispensing award was won by Diversey for its IntelliCare Hybrid Soap Dispensing System.

IntelliCare dispensers can be used with a variety of hand care formulations, allowing facilities to customise product selection based on environment, site or user needs.

The hand care system features tamper proof, collapsible bottles designed to prevent product contamination and empty completely to reduce waste. Intellicare antibacterial hand soaps are also triclosan free.

Diversey product manager Sandra Bell said Diversey was honoured to be the recipient of the 2018 Paper and Dispensing award.

“IntelliCare, our new commercial hand care system features the industry’s first hybrid hand care dispenser with both touchless and manual activation.  The versatile dispensing system is compatible with Diversey liquid/gel and foam products, and provides low content and battery alerts to help ensure dispensers are always full and functioning. This is an exciting addition to our extensive product portfolio for our ANZ customers,” Bell said.

“With hand washing being the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infection, the IntelliCare dispenser seamlessly shifts from touchless to manual mode to deliver uninterrupted hand hygiene once battery power is depleted.   “The flexible and intelligent system is designed to prevent infection, improve productivity, and protect an organisation’s brand.”

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2018 INCLEAN Innovation Awards 

Category: Equipment 

Winner: Spacevac Internal High-Level Cleaning System – Spillz

Category: Cleaning Agents 

Winner: Bio-BUGS – BioChemSolutions

Category: Services & Technology 

Winner: Tork EasyCube – Tork Professional Hygiene

Category: Janitorial 

Winner: Unger erGo! S-Class Series – Pall Mall

Category: Paper & Dispensing 

Winner: IntelliCare hybrid soap dispensing system – Diversey

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