Take The Weight Off !

Improve Comfort, Improve Productivity , Reduce Risk of Injury and Strain

Recent studies from Victoria University cite the top causes of injury in the cleaning industry (and associated elementary industries) as Lifting, Carrying and Straining, with the top injuries involving the Back & Spine and Shoulder (clavicle Blade).

Not only is the injury itself potentially significant for the individual but work productivity is also impacted with downtime from workplace injuries occurring.

Kärcher has a range of professional vacuums that enable the operator to enjoy greater comfort and improved productivity, whilst eliminating the need for weight bearing machinery carried by the operator.

Kärcher’s new T9/1 Bp battery-operated pull along dry vacuum cleaner combines cordless mobility and exceptional cleaning quality. The high-performance, lithium-ion battery allows for a running time of up to 46 minutes in eco!efficiency mode.  The battery can be changed quickly and easily at any time. Practical benefits include 23% productivity gains,   reduced maintenance costs with no more cord damage.   This robust and quiet machine is specifically tailored to the needs of building service contractors, hotels and ideal for day cleaning.

Alternatively, for large carpeted areas, corridors, function rooms etc.. Kärcher’s CV38/2  upright vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction and combine cleaning the action of an electric brush, to effortlessly remove stubborn dirt particles deep in carpet fibers.


Additional benefits include forward walking motion action for optimum visibility, superior coverage increasing overall productivity and optimized results when used in conjunction with carpet cleaning extraction processes.

Furthermore the handy detachable suction tube gives flexibility and is ideal for vacuuming  dust from vents, upholstery and window sills.

For further information simply contact an Authorised  Kärcher Dealer.

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