ISSA releases best practices for menstrual care solutions in public restrooms

Document provides cleaning professionals, facility managers, and others with guidelines to create a clean, healthy, and positive restroom experience.

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has released its Best Practices for Menstrual Care Solutions in Public Restrooms.

The document provides cleaning professionals, architects, employers, facility managers, governments, and others with guidelines to create a clean, healthy, and positive restroom experience for customers, employees, and students who menstruate.

“ISSA created this document as part of its new campaign to end period poverty,” said John Nothdurft, ISSA’s director of government affairs.

“The goal is to educate those who own, manage, or work in away-from-home facilities about period poverty and to explain how providing increased access to period products, dispensers, and disposal solutions in your away-from-home venue is good business in addition to being the right thing to do.”

The document explains that when determining how to manage menstrual care most effectively, facilities should consider the entire experience for a user, beginning with the menstruator in need of menstrual care items, the process of disposing menstrual items, as well as how the custodial staff is handling the discarded waste.

Beyond the obvious health benefits of providing period products, there are other gains for patrons as well as employees and maintenance staff.

Providing menstrual care products helps create an inclusive workplace that feels more welcoming and committed to employee wellbeing.

Facilities that provide menstrual care products for their employees not only get improved productivity, they are in a better place to attract, and retain, top talent.

Readily available access to menstrual care products, combined with safe and sanitary disposal, also helps facilities maintain clean and healthy restroom standards, which are appreciated by restroom users.

You can learn more about ending period poverty by downloading a free document at

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