HEPA Cannister and Professional Wet-Dry Vacuums from Tennant

Regardless of your application, or the size of your environment, the vacuum line from Tennant Company has the solution to meet all your floor care needs.

Designed and Built in Europe combining ergonomic design with the operator in mind, and innovative features as standard Tennant’s Canister vacuums come in V-CAN-12 (12L) and V-CAN-16 (16L) capacities, with 3-stage filtration, HEPA bag and added HEPA filtration cartridge (standard on V-CAN-12 model only) to help maintaining indoor air quality ideal for hospitals, offices, schools and HORECA.


  • Designed and Built in Europe
  • Superior suction and high-capacity bag ideal for commercial cleaning
  • speed regulator with noise adjustment and a full bag indicator (V-CAN-16)
  • Ultra-quiet performance (63Dba)
  • Eco-Energy rated motor
  • Black is Green – up to 55% recycled plastic construction designed to promote sustainable cleaning programs
  • Detachable 12m power cable and Integrated cable wrap with two parking positions for easy storage and use
  • Hard floor tool included
  • Telescopic wand (V-CAN-16)

Clean away dirt and water with Tennant Wet/Dry vacuums and choose the right size and power level that you need. With advanced mechanical design, compact and lightweight machines ensure no loss of performance and can withstand up to 800 working hours. Also hosting quiet performance so your floors can be cleaned without disrupting work nearby.

Each machine comes with SANIFILTER – Certified Antibacterial Treatment. ​​This treatment is of the filters with silver ions (Ag+ ions) where it destroys bacteria’s membrane cell, fungus, viruses, micro parasites and inhibits their proliferation.​​

Sanifilter Features:

  • Good cleaning resistance, up to 5 washes at low temperature (T=40°C).
  • Immediate and effective action on the collected material avoiding bacteria re-emission in the exhaust air.
  • Sanifilter has good cleaning resistance, up to 5 washes at low temperature (T=40°C). Immediate and Antibacterial activity against both Staphylococcus Aureus and Klebsiella Pneumoniaes verified according to the JIS L 1902:2008 International Standard.



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